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Undoubtedly, using the new methods and technology in construction, enjoyment of facilities, machinery, equipment for the small and big projects, transfer of the new technology in construction to the outmost of the country, based on the planning and tables of progressing the projects, the proper usage of the material, the laboratory research alongside of the production, quality control in order to facilitate of the supervision, reduction of the investment time, and more than ten other items which exits no way but classification of the standard productions and mass production. Precast includes construction of the structural elements in factory in the mass and then install and integrate them in the execution stage in order to do the expected duties of a structure based on the standards.


Deesman Prefabricated Construction Company

Summary of Deesman activities

Numerous fencing in different designs based on the employer's order as wall panels one or some...
Design and execution of more than 10000 square meters of GFRC precast facades in order to various...
Designing and execution of more than 15.000 residential units in the projects such as Safieie...

Madar park prayer hall

Why Choose Deesman Company?


During four decades of Deesman activity, productions’ high quality is our secret.

Production Speed

Deesman never forget that increasing speed needs its customer satisfaction, therefore you can find production speed together with quality in Deesman policy.


Deesman, a brand of four decades of experiences from thousands of huge construction projects.

World Latest Technology

Deesman always upgrade its machineries and production line according to the world latest technologies to produce precast products.

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